When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Do more of what makes you happy!

The first steps steering a kite, the first meters you are dragged through the water. And suddenly you experience this feeling of freedom when you finally glide over the glittering surface of the water. Beneath you the turquoise sea, the speed increases, adrenaline rises and the wind carries you. This feeling is prone to change your complete life. We talk from experience!

kite school

Absolute beginner or advanced kiter, practicing jumps, foil kitesurfing, children or individuals with special needs – we cater for everyone. Through the years, our team has been teaching and licensing more than 16.500 kite students . If there is anything we have, it is for sure years of teaching experience! Our goal is that – under the supervision and guidance of professional VDWS and IKO kitesurf instructors – you spend as much time as possible on the water to experience a fast learning success. Discover with us the joy playing this sport. In a secure environment, with competent support and with loads of fun while doing so!

kite courses

Old or young – if you can swim and are fit and healthy, your career as a kitesurfer can start. The rumors that you need a lot of strength to be a kitesurfer or that it is a sport for men are not true. Therefore girls – no worries: go for it! All our kitesurf courses are VDWS certified and our teaching methods are aiming for fast and secure learning success. Our slogan: “Learning by doing”. We offer courses in German, English, Italian or Arabic and there are maximum 4 participants per course. Thanks to continuous improvement of the equipment, kitesurfing becomes safer from year to year. So the final question is: which course fits you?

Beginner – Basics, Theory & Practice

Level 1+2

In the Beginner’s course you learn everything about kite control and safe handling of the equipment. Includes:

  • Equipment science (different kite systems)
  • Equipment setup and dismantling
  • Theory
  • First flying exercises with different sizes of kites
  • Waterstart (Relaunch) of the kites
  • Bodydrag against the wind (without board tack)
  • First water start exercises with the kite
DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
(2 Days)
2-4340 €

*Children under the age of 16 are only taught in private and semi-private courses.

Intermediate – The Next Steps

Level 3+4

This course suits those who have already taken the basics of kitesurfing and are ready to ride! Includes:

  • Equipment science (different board systems)
  • Theory – waterstart
  • Practicing waterstart and riding
  • Different maneuvers
  • Safe turn-over
  • Further flying exercises with the kite
  • Further exercises
DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
(2 Days)
2-4340 €

*Children under the age of 16 are only taught in private and semi-private courses.

Advanced – On shore, on water and in the air!

Level 5+6

With this course, our instructors are going to show you how to jump properly and reach new heights! Learn how to use the strength of the wind and how to land safely. Includes:

  • Equipment science (different board bearing)
  • Safe edging
  • Different jumping techniques
  • Further exercises
DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
(2 Days)
2-4340 €

*Children under the age of 16 are only taught in private and semi-private courses.

Kitesurfer in 4 Days

Level 1-4

The name is program: we train you to be a safe kitesurfer in just 4 days! Training includes the Beginner’s (level 1+2) and the Advanced (level 3+4) course. In addition to the 4 days course, you receive 2 days full equipment rental, allowing you to practice what you have learnt in the course. Includes:

  • All courses from level 1 to 4, as described above
  • Followed by 2 days full equipment rental
DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
12 – 16h
(4 Days)
2-4750 €

*Children under the age of 16 are only taught in private and semi-private courses.

Refresher – When was the last time you stood on the board?

All Levels

For all students who have already completed their courses, but don’t feel safe yet and need some extra support or a little refresher course after a long break. No worries! With us you’ll be back on the board safe and fast in no time! Includes:

  • Information, assistance, tips and tricks
  • All that you need to get back “on board”
DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
3 – 4h
(1 Day)
2-4170 €

Check up – We’ll be there when you need us!

All Levels

For all kiters who would like to rent equipment but don’t have the license yet or who want to qualify for their license. One hour check up with one of our kite instructors and you should be able to pass your license with no problem at all! Congratulations!

DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
1h160 €

Private Lesson One-to-One

All Levels

If you’d like one of our instructors to concentrate only on you – then one-2-one is the way to go! We recommend these private lesson also for children and individuals with special needs or a handicap. With this private lesson you will get the full attention of the kite instructor just for you!

DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
1h198 €

Semi-Private Lesson

All Levels

For couples, friends or kids who want to practice as a duo. Just the instructor and the two of you – nobody else to share his/her time with. Enjoy the time together on the water, observe your buddy, analyze together how you felt during the different exercises and create an even stronger bond.

DurationParticipantsPrice p.P.
1h279 €

foil kitesurfing

Ride – just like Aladdin – the flying carpet and discover the fascination of foil kitesurfing! Foil kitesurfing (or hydrofoil) is the new trend within the kitesurf community and a perfect alternative when the wind is light. Get started with just 8 knots and the right equipment! First you ride on the water, as usual. Once the board reaches the right speed, the mast slowly lifts out of the water, you hear a hissing sound and the feeling of zero gravity takes over – latest now you won’t be able to hold back anymore: “Wow, crazy, wuhu – I can fly” – this is just a short array of the calls of happiness you can hear in the bay! Well, it was the same for us…

Foil Courses

From VDWS Level 5 or IKO Level 3N

To learn foil kitesurfing, you need a VDWS license level 5 or an IKO license level 3N. You must be able to ride upwind and kitesurf safely in deep waters. You have to demonstrate – even with light wind – perfect kite control and have to know how to relaunch your kite in deep water with light wind. We offer foil courses either as private one-2-one lesson or as semi-private lesson.

Foil Private Lesson One-to-One
Including full equipmentFoil Board onlyWithout equipment
1 Hour109,00 €89,00 €79,00 €
2 Hours189,00 €159,00 €129,00 €
3 Hours259,00 €209,00 €179,00 €
Foil Semi-Private Lesson 
Including full equipmentFoil Board onlyWithout equipment
1 Hour89,00 €75,00 €69,00 €
2 Hours149,00 €135,00 €109,00 €
3 Hours199,00 €169,00 €149,00 €

* Please note that at the end of the day, you only gonna pay for those sessions that actually took place. If there is not enough wind and the course can not take place, you will not be charged!

*Cancellation policy:

The following charges apply to all confirmed reservations to the company:

  • till 30 days before travel date will be charged with 20% of the booking
  • 29 till 22 days before travel date will be charged with 25% of the booking
  • 21 till 15 days before travel date will be charged with 30% of the booking
  • 14 till 8 days before travel date will be charged with 60% of the booking
  • Non-attendance will not be refunded.